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Inlaks Scholars 2019

Inlaks Scholars 2019

It brings us great pleasure to once again welcome bright young minds to the Inlaks family. This year our scholars are pursuing diverse practices from the arts to economics to law to conservation. We expect nothing less than excellence from them all.  

We are delighted to introduce you all to the Inlaks Scholars and Inlaks RS Conservation Intern of 2019.

Scholars 2019

Amartya Mitra is the RSF Scholar for this year. He will be pursuing an MRes in Biodiversity, Evolution & Conservation at University College London.

Anirudh Belle is pursuing a Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford.

Anushri Narayan Visweswaran will be pursuing a Master of Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Development at Utrecht University.

Kirtivardhan Singh will be attending an MSc in Economics at the London School Of Economics And Political Science

Madhulika  Srikumar will be pursuing an LLM Law at Harvard Law School

Mohammad Haider will be pursuing a MPhil in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge

Nikita Shah will be attending the Masters in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Paintings)  at the University of Amsterdam - Graduate School of Humanities

Pratyush Anand will be pursuing an MSc in High Energy & Physics at ETH Zurich [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology]

Rajnandini Mukherjee will be attending a MASt in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge

Shivangi Bishnoi will be pursuing a Masters in Analysis & Policy in Economics at the Paris School of Economics 

Shreya Nayak will be attending the Undergraduate programme in Music - Western Classical Vocal at the Royal College of Music

Shruthi Ramesh will be pursuing an  MA CRM  in Public Policy at the University of Chicago

Suchita Agrawal is attending a Masters progamme in Physics at ETH Zurich

Inlaks RS Conservation Intern 2019

Preeti Sharma will be interning with the Melbourne Veterinary School at the University of Melbourne

We will be profiling them on our blog over the next few weeks so be sure to  stay tuned.

Scholars 2019: Amartya Mitra, Anirudh Belle, Anushri Visweswaran & Kirtivardhan Singh

Scholars 2019: Amartya Mitra, Anirudh Belle, Anushri Visweswaran & Kirtivardhan Singh

Applications Open: Conservation Opportunity

Applications Open: Conservation Opportunity